HVAC Maintenance

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What's the Difference?
Tune-Up vs. Cleaning

Seasonal Tune-Up

20 Point Inspection of HVAC Components
  • Includes checking refrigerant levels, lubricating parts as needed, tightening electrical connections and more.
Full Run-Test in either Heating or Cooling
  • Depending on ambient and outdoor temperature, your system is tested in heating or cooling to get accurate readings.

Full Clean & Maintenance

Includes everything in the seasonal tune-up as well as:
Blower Fan Assembly Cleaning
  • We disassemble and clean each component of your blower assembly. Even small build-ups can greatly reduce overall airflow.
Coil Cleaning
  • Includes both condenser and evaporator coils, using the industry leading non-acidic cleaning solution.
Drain Line & Drain Pan Clearing
  • Pressurized clearing of your system’s drain line. This helps avoid backups of the drain line which in turn can cause extensive water damage.