North Valley Mechanical

November 1, 2012

Air Filter Fail

Do you ever think you don’t need to change your filter? These clients have been running their system without a filter for years… indoor air quality […]
October 9, 2012

Smart thermostat roundup

by Heather Barnett A smart thermostat does more than control the temperature while you’re home. It’s programmable and often accessible when you’re away from home. Going to […]
October 4, 2012

How to frustrate a tech

Which one?!  
September 25, 2012

America’s Skill Gap

Some have suggested that the skills gap in America can partially be explained by the growing number of retiring tradespeople and the shrinking number of qualified […]
September 18, 2012

New Look for Older Cabinets

August 14, 2012

Energy and HVAC Optimization

Author: PatPro Let’s talk about 30-40% of your electricity bill. That’s how much it costs the average homeowner or commercial building owner to provide proper heating, […]
June 21, 2012

Building Performance News, Developments & Discussions

by Leah Thayer Google street view approach to home energy audits Energy analytics startup Essess has a plan to bring energy efficiency information to the masses, as […]
June 19, 2012

Top 5 hidden home hazards

  Each year, 33.1 million people are injured by consumer products in the home. Some hazards are from products the Agency has warned about for years; […]
June 5, 2012

Energy Savings Tips for Homeowners

Author: Robert Smyth Let’s be realistic. Although we don’t want to consume all of the worlds supply of carbon and coal for power because of the […]