North Valley Mechanical

June 14, 2011

Digital Setback Thermostat

A digital setback thermostat is designed for people with fixed schedules that take them in and out of the home. With it, you can program the […]
June 7, 2011

Increasing Water-Heating System Efficiency

Reducing hot-water usage is primarily a matter of common sense and exerting a little extra effort to not be wasteful. Once you have applied a few […]
June 2, 2011

Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned?

Most people are now aware that indoor air pollution is an issue of growing concern and increased visibility. Many companies are marketing products and services intended […]
May 24, 2011

American Standard gaspack on curb conversion

Installation of a new high efficiency package heating and cooling unit. We are replacing an old Goettl obsolete over and under style unit with a modern […]
May 12, 2011

New Split Heatpump System

In this video, Kirk explains how we installed a new American Standard air handler and heatpump condenser for our client.    
May 5, 2011

Media Air Cleaner

On today’s blog post, Kirk from NVM describes the process of installing a replacement media air cleaner in an exisiting enclosure.    
April 26, 2011

Do you know how efficient your home is running?

Did you know, garbage in a landfill stays for a for about 30 years. In 1995 over 200 of the world landfills were full. Each person […]
April 19, 2011

Lasting Effects from the 2010 Hail Storm in Phoenix

Even with a hail shield, the 2010 storm was so severe that many roof mounted units need repair or even replacement. Kirk from NVM took a […]
April 12, 2011

Home Warranty Information

If you are like 90% of the homeowners in Arizona, you have some type of home warranty coverage for your heating and cooling systems. While warranty […]