Hybrid Climate Systems That Enhance Comfort with an Eco-Friendly Approach. 

Heating and cooling your home or office is a hefty expense, and adding solar panels is another costly investment to consider.

SunTrac’s solar thermal approach provides all of the benefits of solar energy at the fraction of the price. By displacing mechanical energy used by your system variable-speed compressor with harnessed solar thermal energy, you reduce stress on your unit(s) and save dollars.

Our team is trained and qualified to recommend, install, and maintain these additions to your HVAC system.ons to your HVAC system. Learn more about SunTrac here.

Made in the U.S.A.

Applicable to most Residential and Commercial systems as well as mid-life upgrades.


Earn Tax Credits. Each SunTrac system is eligible for a 30% Federal Tax Credit, as well as other state incentives.  Find those here.


Warranty included. Residential, 10 years Parts & Labor. Commercial, 5 years Parts & Labor.

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