There’s plenty of advantages when you join the North Valley Mechanical Comfort Club.



Do you bring your car to the mechanic to get an oil change? Or visit your dentist for a cleaning? The same concept applies to your HVAC system. Without a true cleaning and maintenance, your system cannot run at optimal performance. Our Energy Savings Agreement gives homeowners and businesses peace of mind 365 days a year. Learn more about our agreement here.

20 Point Check-out
$65.95 per unit

One-time Cleaning
Quoted On Site

Comfort Club Annual Memberships

Starting at $99

Commercial Maintenance Agreement
Available Upon Request


Our team installs systems tailored specifically to your needs. From ducting to insulation and SMART thermostats, we have expertise to accomplish your goals. Your new comfort is set up for success, not failure, with NVM.

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We can’t offer over-the-phone quotes, but we do wave our $89 service fee when we complete the repair.



Our professional technicians are expert problem-solvers. The team at NVM isn’t dependent on commission for their salary. When we arrive to do a repair there’s no upsells, just honest repairs and recommendations.


Did you know most homes in the U.S are under-insulated? Simple airflow improvements and other similar upgrades have lasting effects on your home. Lowering utilities is nice, but lowering the strain on your HVAC system can extend its life expectancy and save you more!

These upgrades improve your quality of life now, and give you a return on investment later.

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