Air Conditioning

October 20, 2011

Saving Energy: What’s Good for the Wallet is Also Good for your Health

Author: The House Team Of Mortgage Intellingence “Ready for winter?” We love to ask that question when the weather starts to chill each autumn. But this […]
October 18, 2011

House Insulation Tips

Author: John Mahoney In a poorly insulated house 30% of the energy generated can be lost through walls, roof, floor, pipes, windows and air leakages. To […]
October 13, 2011

How a Hot Water Heater Works

The water coming into your home makes a journey through a system of pipes, and it’s usually cold or cool, depending on the time of year. To have […]
October 6, 2011

Air Conditioning – Some Common Problems

Author: Elijah James As the use of air conditioning devices continues to rise, there is a large increase in the demand of air conditioning systems. People […]
October 4, 2011

Radiant Heat and Electrical Bills

Via Advantage Inspection Service.
September 29, 2011

Heating and Cooling System Filters

The average homeowner gives little thought to their heating & cooling system filters. It can be hard enough just remembering to change them once a month. However, […]
September 27, 2011

Hall Construction Makes an Old House New Again

Compiled by Grace Thornton Thanks to Hall Constuction, this 1969 two-story traditional home in the popular East Cobb neighborhood of Fox Hills has been completely remodeled. Starting […]
September 20, 2011

A Commitment to Safety

When you invite a company into your home, you make yourself, your family and your belongings vulnerable. North Valley Mechanical takes this responsibility very seriously. As a […]
September 15, 2011

How to Save Energy in Your Home

Author: piscespalio Knowing how to save energy in your own home will allow you to save the utility bills, and as well, help preserve residing conditions. Find […]