Air Conditioning Tips

May 1, 2013

Air Conditioning Mistakes to Avoid

Author: RAD Air For many homes with a humid, warm climate, air conditioning can consume electricity more than any other thing. According to certain estimates, air […]
April 19, 2013

Tips To Consider Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Author: Cody Randolph Tips to think about Before Replacing Your Air Conditioner Coast Refrigeration & AIr inc. air conditioning melbourne florida air condtioner repair & service […]
April 11, 2013

Tips To Beat Summer Drain on Energy

Author: Sarah Rachfal According to Glacial Energy, one of the fastest growing retail energy marketers in the U.S., in the residential and commercial sectors heating and […]
April 10, 2013

Standby Power and Energy Vampires

What is Standby Power and what does it have to do with vampires? Standby power is the energy used by some products when they are turned […]
March 29, 2013

What Poor Office Air Quality Causes

Author: figowang Many health problems can occur as the result of poor air quality, ranging in severity from mild headaches to severe allergic reactions and breathing […]
March 27, 2013

The benefits of a high efficiency air conditioner

Kirk from North Valley Mechanical, describes the benefits of having a high efficiency air conditioning unit.
March 19, 2013

Control your Heating Bills with a Room Thermostat

Author: DJWedge The right heating controls will let you keep your home at a comfortable temperature without wasting fuel or heat, so you’ll reduce your carbon […]
March 13, 2013

Air Condtioning Service Tips To Get You Ready For The Hot Summer Ahead

Author: Jeff Schuman Is your air conditioner ready for the hot days ahead. A central air conditioning system is only as good as the maintenance you […]
March 8, 2013

AC fan not working – how to repair broken HVAC Run Start Capacitor

This is how a broken HVAC run start capacitor is repaired.